JXG-HCA-A(Paper towel dispenser,hand dryer and dustbin) Combination

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Hand dryer is a kind of sanitary appliance used to dry or blow dry hands in bathroom, which is divided into induction automatic hand dryer and manual hand dryer.

  • Tap Hand Dryer: Wash Hand Dryer
  • Automatic Sensor: Hand Hygiene
  • model: JXG-HCA-A(Paper towel dispenser,hand dryer and dustbin)
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    It is mainly used in hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, public entertainment places and bathrooms of every family. The hand dryer overcomes the disadvantage that the existing hand dryer can’t air out in multiple directions, and it is easy to make the hand skin temperature too high. It aims to provide a hand dryer that circulates air out in multiple directions. It adopts the technical scheme that an air guide device is arranged at the air outlet of the hand dryer, and the air guide leaf is arranged on the air guide device, and the circulation of the hand dryer is not oriented through the rotation of the air guide device or the swing of the air guide leaf.

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